Kevin Nikkel – Deep Bay 2013

Kevin Nikkel has completed a Bachelor of Education at the University of Manitoba and a Master of Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. His dramatic, animated, and documentary films have played at international film festivals, on television and on the Web. Kevin has contributed to the success of Playing in Traffic, Catacomb Microcinema, the Winnipeg Cinematheque, and the Winnipeg Film Group. He juggles his time between filmmaking, parenting, and teaching.

Residency project

Kevin’s current project centres on a silent film, On the Trail of the Far Fur Country, which was shot by the Hudson’s Bay Company between 1919 and 1920. Nikkel’s team is restoring the film, lost since the 1950s in the British Film Institute. He is also working on a feature-length documentary of the film’s return to Canada. While in residency, Kevin will move the documentary from rough-cut to fine-cut stage, develop materials for the blog site, and develop DVD supplements and curriculum materials.

Meet the Artist Series

Saturday, June 8 at 2pm
Visitor Centre, Wasagaming

Join the filmmaker for a chance to learn what it takes to make a documentary. Discover how the lost silent film, Romance of the Far Fur Country, was found after vanishing for 50 years in the vaults of the British Film Institute, and the story of its journey back to Canada.