Chantel Emond (french press) – Deep Bay 2013

Chantel Emond (aka french press) is an indie-pop songwriter currently gathering material for her debut album. This Winnipeg-born artist first began her career studying jazz vocals in Toronto, where she also formed The O’Darling, a band with whom she toured throughout the country. After completing her studies in music, Chantel travelled overseas, singing on stages in Thailand and Morocco. Upon her return to Canada, she settled back into her hometown, where she is busy developing her musical catalogue and performing.

Residency Project

During her stay at the Deep Bay cabin, Chantel will write new songs and continue to shape works-in-progress for her debut album. Usually writing on a keyboard and acoustic guitar, she intends to experiment with new instruments such as the glockenspiel, omnichord, and a voice-effect pedal. She will continue to explore the themes of repression, rebellion, independence, empowerment and personal growth in her work. For inspiration Chantel will look to the musical styles of Elliot Smith, Matthew Good, and Laura Veirs and to the poetry of Al Purdy and Jennifer Still.

Meet the Artist Series

Sunday August 18 at noon
Harvest Sun Festival, Kelwood

Chantel will be performing at the Harvest Sun Festival’s Moody Manitoba workshop where songwriters share the stage, their songs, and the creative stories behind the songs.