MAC Announces the Recipients in the 2019 Prizes in the Arts

Winnipeg, Manitoba – The Manitoba Arts Council has revealed the recipients of its first round of the Prizes in the Arts. The prize recipients have been selected by a peer jury and will each be awarded a $10,000 prize in recognition of the high quality of their work, and the contributions they have made to the arts in our province, Canada, and beyond.


“The Manitoba Arts Council’s Prizes in the Arts celebrates excellence and recognizes the impact of the arts. Each of the recipients is deeply committed to their work and to their communities. They are innovators, risk takers, transformers. Their work brings people together and deepens our understanding of the world. Our province is richer for the work they have done.”
– Roberta Christianson, Chair, Manitoba Arts Council


The 2019 Prizes in the Arts Recipients are:


Connecting Creative Communities

Recognizing professional arts groups and organizations for exceptional collaboration



Theatre Projects Manitoba

“The Chautauqua Tour was a massive, visionary, and risky undertaking. TPM created something original and thoughtful, while building respectful community connections and relationships. Interlake artists and community members participated alongside Chautauquay tour facilitators to explore and celebrate a mutual interest in the development of the arts in rural Mb. This project truly embodied the heart and soul of community connections.”
Patricia & Merle Klyne (nominators)

Emerging Excellence

Recognizing emerging artists for their achievements and potential


Helga Jakobson

“Jakobson acts as a catalyst and role model for women who want to create tech-based work or to explore tech-based experimentation. She believes strongly that for an art ecology to function, new ideas must cross-pollinate to produce cultural expansiveness and intellectual health. Bestowing this honour on Jakobson will have a positive impact far beyond the artist herself.”
Chantel Mierau, aceartinc. (nominator)

Indigenous Full Circle

Recognizing Indigenous artists or Knowledge Keepers for their achievements


Marie Josée Dandeneau

“Marie-Josée Dandeneau’s artistic achievements span a 20-year career, touring all over the world, with recording credits on more than 50 full-length albums. She is a leader in the Indigenous music community who is constantly giving back. We’re very fortunate to have such an incredible artist in Manitoba.”
Alan Greyeyes, Aboriginal Music Manitoba Inc. (nominator)

Rural Recognition

Recognizing rural artists, arts groups, or arts organizations for their achievements


Flin Flon Arts Council

“The Flin Flon Arts Council (FFAC) believes that arts and culture are the heart of any community. They provide numerous initiatives to support and promote arts and culture in their community including donating complimentary tickets to students and seniors. Always searching for new youth initiatives, FFAC is one of the few art councils that has a youth representative on its Board. Because of the FFAC, Flin Flon has proven to be a driving cultural force in northern Manitoba.”
Rose-Anne Harder, Manitoba Arts Network (nominator)

Important dates

MAC’s Prizes in the Arts Reception will take place on June 18th from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Forks Market, South atrium.


About the Manitoba Arts Council

The Manitoba Arts Council is an arm’s-length agency of the Province of Manitoba, established in 1965 “to promote the study, enjoyment, production and performance of works in the arts.” The Council makes awards to professional arts organizations and individuals in all art forms including theatre, literature, music, dance, painting, sculpture, architecture or the graphic arts, and includes other similar creative or interpretative activity, including arts education. The Council uses a peer assessment process in making awards. Historically, the main criterion used to assess application is artistic excellence.




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