Flin Flon Arts Council, 2019 Rural Recognition Prize

Royal weekend dancers, photo by The Flin Flon Reminder


The Flin Flon Arts Council has been awarded the Rural Recognition Prize, one of the Manitoba Arts Council’s 2019 Prizes in the Arts. This is a $ 10,000 prize awarded every other year to a rural artist, arts group, or arts organization in recognition of their achievements.

“The Flin Flon Arts Council believes that arts and culture are the heart of any community. They provide numerous initiatives to support and promote arts and culture in their community including donating complimentary tickets to students and seniors. Always searching for new youth initiatives, FFAC is one of the few art councils that has a youth representative on its Board. Because of the FFAC, Flin Flon has proven to be a driving cultural force in northern Manitoba.”
Rose-Anne Harder, Manitoba Arts Network (nominator)


Flin Flon Arts Council

The Flin Flon Arts Council (FFAC) strives to increase and diversify the opportunities for the citizens of Flin Flon and surrounding areas to create, participate and enjoy cultural activities. The FFAC regularly partners with 14 organizations to provide programming for eight northern communities. Among its numerous activities, FFAC is known for its remarkable participation in Culture Days programming. In 2018, the city of Flin Flon (population of 5000), ranked 2nd in Canada for the number of events offered during the celebration.