Indigenous 360 – Learn: Getting to know MAC’s new arts grants

By Tracey Longbottom

The Manitoba Arts Council is committed to an approach that respects and recognizes the distinct worldview and creative culture of Indigenous communities, while aiming to make Indigenous artistic expression a source of pride for all Manitobans.

The Manitoba Arts council Indigenous 360 – Learn supports arts and cultural related professional development activities and mentorship opportunities within Manitoba and beyond.

The MAC Indigenous 360 – Learn program aims to support artistic projects which bring greater visibility to the unique perspectives, realities, voices, and stories of Manitoba Indigenous artists.


The Program

The Indigenous 360 – Learn program supports learning and artistic development activities in all disciplines for professional Indigenous artists, arts/cultural professionals, and Knowledge Keepers.


Grant amounts

This program allows applicants to ask for a grant of up to $2,500 for professional development and $5,000 for mentorship opportunities.


Who can apply

The Indigenous 360 Share program is available to professional artists, Knowledge Keepers, and arts/cultural professionals. That means you must have a valid profile as an individual on MAC’s Online Application System. To give yourself enough time, make sure that you submit your profile to MAC at least 15 business days before you want to start your application.


What you can apply for

If your project involves professional development, an artistic mentorship or a cultural mentorship (transmission of knowledge, sharing of customs, values, languages, and practices) this could be the program for you! This grant can help you cover direct costs related to your proposed project.


When you can apply

The Indigenous 360 Learn program will have two deadlines in a given calendar year. These will stay the same from year to year starting in 2019. The deadlines for the Indigenous 360 Learn program are March 25 and September 25.

For this year, we are offering a one-time only deadline for Indigenous 360 – Learn applications on November 29th, 2018.

Applications for all MAC programs must be submitted by 11:59 PM on the day of the deadline. Previously, if an application deadline fell on a weekend or holiday, it would be moved to the following business day. This allowed applicants to deliver or mail their paper application during regular business hours. Now that applications will be submitted online, deadline dates will be fixed.


Unable to apply online?

Paper applications are available for applicants who have communicated to Manitoba Arts Council that they:

  • have no or limited internet access, have limited or no access to a computer or are not able to make use of a computer in the offices of the Manitoba Arts Council.
  • live with a disability that precludes them using the online system

If you plan on submitting a paper application by mail, the envelope must be sent and post marked on the day of the deadline or earlier. If you are dropping off your paper application, make sure to deliver it during the Manitoba Arts Council’s office hour or use the drop box outside our office from 7 am to 6 pm on weekdays.


How decisions are made

Your application to the Indigenous 360 Learn program will be assessed by an Indigenous peer assessment jury representing a discipline or group of disciplines. This jury will use the following criteria to evaluate your proposed project:

  • Artistic Merit (70%)
  • Impact (20%)
  • Feasibility (10%)

If you’re interested in reading up on MAC’s evaluation process, you should check out our Peer Assessment Handbook.


Applied to MAC before?

Still wondering if this program is right for your project? Our new programs continue to fund the kinds of activities that were supported in our previous programs.

Specifically, the Indigenous 360 – Learn grant supports most of the activities that were eligible in the following programs:

  • Indigenous Arts Mentorship, Training, and Development Grant
  • Travel/Professional Development Grant
  • Community Connections and Access Grant
  • Public Readings by Manitoba Writers Grant

If your still not sure, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help you!


Additional supports

The Manitoba Arts Council Indigenous 360 program is pleased to provide ongoing support throughout the entire application process including:

  • consultation with MAC staff with you or your community
  • guidance on how to best present your application
  • resources available from other funding agencies and organizations
  • the possibility of increased financial assistance for individuals who identify as being Deaf or living with a disability or mental illness


Take Away:

  • Two application deadlines
  • Knowledge Keepers are now eligible
  • You must have a valid profile to apply