Residencies: Getting to know MAC’s new arts grants

By Martine Friesen

In MAC’s new Residencies program, we have kept the two most popular residency destinations as options; the Riding Mountain Artist Residency and the Churchill Artist Residency. And we’re excited to add a self-determined residency option which lets you the artist decide where you want to go. It can be an actual residency program like at the Banff Centre for the Arts, or it can be a completely self-directed residency opportunity that you arrange for yourself. This option is intended for substantial residency opportunities, anywhere in the world, longer in duration then would be applied for in the Travel/Professional Development program. It’s open to all artistic disciplines and lets you dream big.

The Program

The Residencies program supports creation or research-based residency opportunities for professional artists in all disciplines. Applicants may apply for travel to have time and space in the Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency, the Churchill Artists’ Residency, or a residency opportunity of the artists’ choosing.


Grant amounts

Applicants may ask for up to $ 10,000 in this program for a self-determined residency. In the Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency and the Churchill Artists’ Residency, some costs are covered by the partnering institution.


Who can apply

In order to apply to the Residencies program, you must be a professional artist. That means you must have a valid profile as an individual on MAC’s Online Application System. To give yourself enough time, make sure that you submit your profile to MAC at least 15 business days before you want to start your application.


What you can apply for

If you are looking to do creative research, create new work or develop work in progress, or develop a skill in a residency setting, this could be the program for you! Some residencies also give residents the opportunity to engage in artistic, cultural, or cross-sectoral exchange.

An integral part of the Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency and Churchill Artists’ Residency is the interaction between the artists and the local community through a public presentation.


What is eligible

A grant from this program could cover a number of residency related costs including travel, accommodation, facility and residency fees, weekly living expenses, materials and equipment, and shipping costs.

It’s important to know that the facility and accommodation are provided for the residents of the Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency. The facility, accommodation, and meals are provided for the residents of the Churchill Artists’ Residency.


When you can apply

The Residencies program will have two deadlines in a given calendar year. These will stay the same from year to year starting in 2019. The deadlines for self-determined residencies are November 1 and March 10. Applications to the Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency and the Churchill Artists’ Residency will only be accepted for the November 1st deadline (starting in 2019).

For this year, we are offering a one-time only deadline for Residencies applications on November 22nd, 2018, where artists can apply for either the Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency, the Churchill Artists’ Residency, or a self-determined residency.

Applications for all MAC programs must be submitted by 11:59 PM on the day of the deadline. Previously, if an application deadline fell on a weekend or holiday, it would be moved to the following business day. This allowed applicants to deliver or mail their paper application during regular business hours. Now that applications will be submitted online, deadline dates will be fixed.


How decisions are made

Your application to the Residencies program will be assessed by a peer assessment jury representing a discipline or group of disciplines. This jury will use the following criteria to evaluate your proposed project:

  • Artistic Merit (60%)
  • Impact (20%)
  • Preparedness (20%)

If you’re interested in reading up on MAC’s evaluation process, you should check out our Peer Assessment Handbook.


Applied to MAC before?

Still wondering if this program is right for your project? Our new programs continue to fund the kinds of activities that were supported in our previous programs. Specifically, the Residencies grant supports most of the activities that were eligible in the following programs:

  • Brooklyn Visual Arts Residency
  • Churchill Artists’ Residency
  • Iceland Performing Arts Residency
  • Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency
  • Manitoba/New Brunswick/Quebec Creative Residency

If you’re still not sure, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help you!


Take Away:

  • Applications for the Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency and the Churchill Artists’ Residency are only accepted on the November deadline.
  • Applications for a self-determined residency may be submitted on either deadline date.
  • Grant maximums are higher, but you should only request what you realistically need.
  • You must have a valid professional artist profile to apply.