Laurelyn Whitt – Churchill Artists’ Residency 2016

Laurelyn Whitt’s poems appear in various, primarily North American, journals. She is the author of four poetry collections, including Interstices (Logan House) which won the Holland Prize, and Tether (Seraphim Editions) which won the Lansdowne Prize for Poetry. She lives in Minnedosa, Manitoba and teaches Native Studies at Brandon University.

Residency Project

Laurelyn will be working on her current poetry manuscript, Adagio for the Horizon, in which she explores borders and boundaries. The Adagio poems explore the significance of horizons for us as a species, as cultural and historical beings, and as individuals bounded by communities of different sorts – human and otherwise. The manuscript addresses horizons literally understood – as the bounds or range of perception, knowledge or experience. But it also embraces various metaphorical senses of horizons, pausing in places that are – like our shadow or skin – part us and part of the world that surround us.