Kelsey Braun is in residence at the Deep Bay Cabin June 8 – 21

The Artist: Kelsey experiments using sound and moving image to investigate the relationship between identity, memory, and environment. The constructs produced seek an alternate landscape for either escape or active reflection, and take the form of installation, performance, recording, or single and multi-channel video.

Residency Project: Kelsey will be working towards a number of on-going projects, including a multiple-channel sound installation taking place at Video Pool (Winnipeg) in July using recordings of wind. As well, Kelsey will be exploring areas of geographical interest within the park to perform small sound interventions and document the results.

Meet the Artist: Saturday, June 20th at 2:00 p.m. at the Deep Bay Cabin
Kelsey will share the results of the work-in-progress as well as the audio documents that were gathered during his time at Deep Bay.