Alison Davis is in residence at the Deep Bay Cabin July 6 – 19

The Artist: Alison Davis is an animator based in Winnipeg. While she always produces work frame-by-frame, her animated shorts range far and wide in both subject and technique. From personal experience to fantastical worlds, narrative to experimental, digitally refined to entirely hand drawn, her works explore the vast imaginative and visual possibilities of animation as a medium.

Residency Project: Alison will be researching and developing a series of experimental, hand-painted, animated sequences on the subject of parasites, the process by which one organism uses the body of another to further its own survival while returning nothing to the host. Using parasitism as the focal point, the project will explore the porous, permeable and multi-faceted nature of the body and by extension the pliability of the mind.

Meet the Artist: Thursday, July 16th at 6:30 p.m. at the Visitor’s Centre Theatre (Riding Mountain National Park). In conjunction with the Riding Mountain Film Festival, Alison will present a short program of her animated films and brief clips of her work in progress. She will discuss the variety of techniques she uses to create her animations as well as the inspiration behind them.  Later in the evening, Alison will screen another of her short films and conduct a quick Q&A prior to the feature film.