Janelle Hacault – 2015 Deep Bay Artists’ Residency

The Artist: Janelle is a professional contemporary dance artist and an educator based in Winnipeg. From Flin Flon, Manitoba, she is a graduate of the Senior Professional Program of the School of Contemporary Dancers and holds a BA Honours from the University of Winnipeg. Janelle is co-founder of TheDancePost.org and co-founder/general manager of Nova Dance Collective.

Residency Project: Janelle will be researching movement for a new contemporary dance piece alongside her dancer/collaborator, Hilary Crist, exploring the struggle of confronting oneself. Since the passing of her mother in 2012, Janelle’s obsession with the afterlife and the question of who we really are and where we are headed has haunted her. The work will investigate concepts of identity and spirituality, and will integrate sensory work within its development.

Meet the Artist: Sunday, June 7th at 3:00 p.m., at the Lawn Bowling Greens, Clear Lake, Manitoba.
Janelle and Hilary will present excerpts from her work. Prepare to confront and question your inner reality as the two dancers transport you to a precarious place between the known and the unseen.