Andrew Milne self-directed residency in New Brunswick

Winnipeg artist Andrew Milne is in New Brunswick May, June and July for workshops and artist talks. As well as providing public exhibitions via his Museum of New Ideas, Andrew’s itinerary includes residencies and exhibitions at Woodstock Art Gallery, Connexion ARC in Fredericton, Third Space Gallery in St John, Gallerie Sans Nom in Moncton, Struts Gallery and Faucet Media Arts Centre in Sackville.

Andrew Milne is an interdisciplinary artist who works with new media, film, photography and performance. His recent work has dealt with the re-invention of alternative imaging technologies with photocopy cameras, mechanical hologram machines, and alternative projection devices.

Residency Project: Forgotten Futures

While in New Brunswick, Andrew will continue working on his Forgotten Futures project begun while in residence at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in February, 2015. At Galerie Sans Nom, Andrew will work with computer aided design (CAD) models to augment documentation of the Old Pinawa Dam and the Churchill Rocket Range with mythical future technologies. In Sackville at Struts Gallery, Andrew will focus on combining the CAD models and photographic documentation using liquid emulsion techniques, projection and illustration. Andrew will also spend time providing camera-obscura building workshops and participating in Struts Gallery’s contemporary art festival ‘OK Quoi?!’.

Andrew will also take the opportunity to visit Connexion ARC in Fredericton and Third Space Gallery in St John to present the Museum of New Ideas’ exhibit ‘In an Instant!’, provide artist talks and camera-obscura building workshops in addition to participating in short-term collaborations with other New Brunswick Artists.

Andrew’s activities in New Brunswick are funded in part by the Manitoba Arts Council.

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