Accessibility – Financial Assistance for Awarded Projects

Professional artists who are Deaf or who are living with a disability or mental illness, and Deaf and disability arts groups and organizations may be eligible for funds to contribute to costs for specific services and supports required to complete a project funded through a Manitoba Arts Council (MAC) program.

Funds are available as a supplement to an awarded grant and provided to recipients who identify specific disability-related supports that are needed to carry out their proposed activities. The supplement may not cover all of these costs but may be a contribution towards these types of expenses. Accessibility-Financial Assistance must be linked directly to the project activities of the grant it is associated with; it does not fund daily living expenses.

Note: If the request is approved, the applicant will be reimbursed for eligible expenses incurred.

You may submit a request for Accessibility-Financial Assistance at any point between starting your grant application and submitting your final report (due 18 months after the grant notification).

Grant recipients may request up to a maximum of $2,000 per grant.

Download the Request Form

Who can apply for assistance?

An individual applicant who:

  • is Deaf or lives with a disability or mental illness, and;
  • is submitting a grant through any MAC program.

A group or an organization that:

  • identifies as a Deaf and disability arts group or organization in their online profile; and
  • represents and is led by individuals who are Deaf or who are living with a disability or mental illness; and
  • is submitting a grant through any MAC program.

Note: Accessibility-Financial Assistance will be awarded providing the requested expenses are eligible, the associated grant is awarded, and funds are available.


Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses include but are not limited to:

  • sign language interpretation
  • personal attendants, support workers, guides, and readers’ fees
  • transcription services
  • rental of accessible van or specialized equipment
  • accommodation and travel costs

The following is used as a general guide:

  • Attendant services/Support worker: $15 to $ 30 per hour;
  • Sign language interpretation- ASL: $35 per hour; LSQ: $55 per hour;
  • Transcription services/readers: $40 to $60 per hour


Ineligible expenses

Ineligible expenses include:

  • major capital expenses (e.g. purchase of wheelchair, vehicle, computer, renovations, etc.)
  • supports for which an applicant is already receiving funding
  • supports not directly tied to the activities of the associated grant


How do I request assistance?

  1. Check your eligibility to apply to a MAC program in MAC’s general guidelines.
  2. Complete the Accessibility-Financial Assistance request form attached when you apply for a grant.
  3. Submit the Accessibility-Financial Assistance request form to the Help Desk.

Help Desk, Manitoba Arts Council
525-93 Lombard Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 3B1

Note: For your privacy please do not upload this request as part of your online application.


How will my request be assessed?

Accessibility-Financial Assistance requests are not reviewed by peer assessors but will be assessed internally by MAC staff on the following criteria:

  • a reasonable budget
  • how necessary the support is to carry out your project
  • the availability of funds

Note: Your Accessibility-Financial Assistance request will be treated as confidential and will not impact the assessment of your current or future grant applications. Awarded accessibility funds will not appear in our grants listing.


Should your associated grant be successful, what are the final steps?

You will be notified of the result of your request by email shortly after your associated grant has been awarded.

Once the activity is complete, we ask that you submit a revised budget with your receipts to the Help Desk. You will then receive a reimbursement for the eligible expenses incurred.


Download the Request Form.