What’s New at MAC | Summer 2024

We’ve made changes to several of our grants:

  • Create:
    • We’ve created a new grant type for mid-career artists and arts groups with a maximum grant amount of $10,000!
    • The new winter deadline to apply is March 20.
  • Learn – Travel/Professional Development: Starting in September 2024, deadlines for Travel/PD grant applications will occur every two months. The deadlines for the next year are:
    • July 15, 2024
    • September 1, 2024
    • November 1, 2024
    • January 1, 2025
    • March 1, 2025
    • May 1, 2025
    • July 1, 2025
  • Share – Artists in Communities:
    • $1,000 micro-grants are now available for individuals!
    • Applications by individuals and arts groups will be assessed internally by MAC program consultants, while applications by organizations will be assessed by peer assessment.
    • Large-scale grants over $7.5K must have matching revenue from other sources.
    • Organizations can’t apply for Artists in Communities grants if they already receive funds from Operate and Community Impact grants.
  • General guidelines:
    • Your proposed project can only begin after the deadline to which you’re applying.
    • If your application has been declined, you can only resubmit your application for another deadline once.
  • Per diem: the amount has been increased to $75/day for travel south of the 53rd parallel and $90/day for travel North of the 53rd parellel or outside Canada.

Also, we’ve made a couple changes in Manipogo, our online application system:

  • Electronic Fund Transfers: You can now receive your grant payments by electronic fund transfer (EFT). The option to select between payment by EFT or cheque can be found in the funding agreement.
  • The support material form has been simplified.