What’s New at MAC | July 2023

We’ve made a few changes to our website and in Manipogo, MAC’s online application system:

  • New appointment booking app: Booking an appointment with a MAC program consultant has never been easier! Visit https://artscouncil.mb.ca/about-us/contact-us/book-a-meeting-with-mac/ to book an in-person or virtual consultation or feedback meeting.
  • Preferred names: In Manipogo, you can distinguish between your legal name (which MAC needs for financial purposes) and your preferred name (which MAC will use to communicate with you and publish on our Grants Listing if you receive a grant). To update your preferred name, log in to Manipogo and go to your Personal Profile.
  • Extend button: You can request a deadline extension of two (2) additional days to submit your grant application. If you have an application open and need more time before the deadline, you can activate this automatic extension by pressing the “Extend” button on the bottom right corner of the webpage. This feature was previously a pilot project, where applicants were given an additional 5 days past the deadline. We’ve now shortened the grace period to 48 hours for applications submitted after the deadline.
  • Support material: Besides uploading music and video files directly to Manipogo, you can now add links to YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp as support material on your grant application. As well, you can now upload support material directly from your mobile device.

We’ve also made a change to one of our granting programs: