Explore MAC’s new interactive Grant Results Table

You can now search for awarded grants and prizes through the Manitoba Arts Council’s new interactive Grant Results Table.

Take me to the Grants Results Table

Using this new feature, you can display all grants that were awarded to a specific recipient (an individual, a group, or an organization). You can also filter your search to find all awards under a specific program, a specific discipline, or deadline.

You can also combine all of these filters to really drill down into the data. The data goes back to 2018 (when MAC launched Manipogo, its online application system). It includes over 2000 grants and is updated daily. When you have the results you were searching for, you can export them in .csv format for further analysis.

Making our data more accessible

Since the launch of Manipogo in 2018, grant applications are submitted and managed digitally. This upgrade to our process allows us to easily collect and understand information about our grant applicants and the programs they apply to.

This searchable table is one more step in our journey towards making it easier to access our data. By offering more data in one place and by making it searchable, we want to unlock information that was previously available but hard to work with.

MAC also publishes two documents annually that break down key data points from a specific year: the Year-at-a-Glance and the Statistical Overview. These documents can be found on the Research feed.

Grants made prior to 2018

Our grant records are public documents and will always be available to the public. An archive of our annual Grants Listings is available on our Plans and Reports page. If you are looking for records that are from an earlier year than what’s available, contact us at helpdesk@artscouncil.mb.ca.