Meet Manipogo! The new face of MAC’s Online Application System

Logo of Manipogo, MAC's online application system

This fall, the Manitoba Arts Council celebrates 3 years since the launch of our Online Application System. Since 2018, grant applicants, peer assessors, and nominators have been accessing MAC’s services through a sleek system that has remained nameless…

Until now!

We’re pleased to introduce you to “Manipogo,” the new name of MAC’s Online Application System. It’s the same system you’ve come to know over the years, just with a new name and look!

Where did Manipogo come from?

Manipogo is an iconic mythological figure in Manitoba’s folklore, a personification of the land of 100,000 lakes. It’s the name of a snake-like lake monster said to live in Lake Manitoba. Inspired by its BC counterpart, the name Manipogo is a hybrid of “Manitoba” and “Ogopogo,” the creature of Lake Okanagan, British Columbia.

We hope you enjoy our new look and this playful new mascot as much as we do!