Kevin Nikkel – 2019 Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency

Kevin Nikkel is an artist in residence at the Deep Bay Cabin for the 2019 Riding Mountain Artists Residency.

Kevin is an accomplished film producer and director with dozens of documentary films to his credit. He has been recognized for his knowledge of the history of film. His feature film, On the Trail of the Far Fur Country, won the Colin Low Award for best Canadian documentary at the 2014 DOXA film festival in Vancouver.

During his residency in Riding Mountain National Park, Kevin will be working on two projects related to filmmaking in Manitoba. He’ll be developing a treatment for a feature length documentary called “How We Got Here: The Story of Nonfiction Film in Manitoba”. He’ll also be editing interviews from his 2017 feature documentary “Tales from the Winnipeg Film Group” for a book about the Winnipeg Film Group.

Artist Presentation

Join Kevin on Sunday, June 16th, where he will talk about his research into the history of documentary film-making in Manitoba and showing screen clips from his own documentaries.

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