The Manitoba Arts Council Announces Launch of a New Online Application System and Program Structure

The Manitoba Arts Council is implementing a new online application system supported by a streamlined program structure which will be launched in the summer of 2018.

“Our current focus is on administrative efficiencies, accountability, and transparency. In the spirit of collaboration we are working with the Department of Sport, Culture and Heritage to ensure that our adaptable framework can accommodate any changes that come through the Province’s Cultural Policy Review.” – Roberta Christianson, Chair, Manitoba Arts Council.

“Working to improve arts service in support of the way artists and arts organizations work has been at the centre of our change process. The new online application system will simplify the grant application process for artists and arts organizations. It will also facilitate our internal research capabilities. The data collected will be valuable in demonstrating ROI on the public investment in the arts, and will allow for stronger evidence-based decision-making.” – Akoulina Connell, Chief Executive Officer, Manitoba Arts Council.


Program Structure

The new programs have been designed to be more open, flexible, and responsive to how artists and arts organizations work. Over the last year, the Manitoba Arts Council has restructured its existing 54 granting programs into 15 new multidisciplinary programs that fit into 6 streams of activity.

The new programs will continue to fund the kinds of activities that are supported in the existing programs. The program budgets and application rates of current programs have been carefully mapped to ensure as much stability as possible for the arts community.

Information sessions will be held in spring 2018 throughout the province for applicants and stakeholders to learn about the new program structure. Event details will be available on the Manitoba Arts Council’s website.


Online application system

This summer, applicants will be able to set up a client profile on MAC’s new online application system and apply for a grant online. Those who are unable to apply online will have the option of submitting a paper application.

Applicants will benefit from an easier application process and direct deposit of funds once grants are awarded.

The new online application system will also allow for more robust data collection and internal administrative efficiencies.


New Deadlines

The transition to the new program deadlines will begin in Fall 2018. As part of MAC’s move to online applications, a small number of spring deadlines will shift to new dates within the new program structure. Applicants are encouraged to carefully review the list of existing grants deadlines that will remain available until the launch of the new structure. Applicants must continue to follow the current paper process when applying to the existing programs.


New Website

MAC will launch a new website in summer 2018 in preparation for the shift to the new online application system. The website will be much easier to navigate and will showcase the work of artists and organizations supported by MAC.


About the Manitoba Arts Council

The Manitoba Arts Council is an arm’s-length agency of the Province of Manitoba, established in 1965 “to promote the study, enjoyment, production and performance of works in the arts.” The Council makes awards to professional arts organizations and individuals in all art forms including theatre, literature, music, dance, painting, sculpture, media arts, craft, architecture or the graphic arts, and includes other similar creative or interpretive activity, including arts education. The Council uses a peer assessment process in making awards. Historically, the main criterion used to assess applications is artistic excellence. Learn more about the Manitoba Arts Council:

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For further information or to arrange interviews with the CEO, Akoulina Connell, or the Chair, Roberta Christianson, please contact:

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