Connect with Curtis Wiebe at Riding Mountain National Park

The Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency provides professional artists with an opportunity to be inspired and create their works in the park’s setting. In return these professional artists invite visitors to interact with them and uniquely discover the park through their eyes and works.

Curtis L. Wiebe is a multi-disciplinary artist, musician and filmmaker.

Identifiable by flights of the fantastic in settings of winter forests and prairie landscapes, Wiebe’s art is full of imaginative characters brought to life as puppets and elaborate costumes often through the medium of film where music plays an important role.

Curtis will be creating an album of songs by Calvert Wander, a fictional cowboy balladeer from the 1960s.  This album will serve as both prop and soundtrack for his first feature film, The Last Spelldrake of Saskatchewan; a fantasy film set in an alternate future of the Canadian prairies.

Curtis has won the award for best Manitoba short film twice at the Gimli film festival and has had his short films screened at festivals all over the world including New York, Germany, France, Israel and Serbia.

Heading out to Riding Mountain?

Connect with Curtis on Thursday, August 31st at 7:30 p.m at the Visitor Centre.