Connect with Ufuk Gueray at Riding Mountain National Park

The Deep Bay Artists’ Residency provides professional artists with an opportunity to be inspired and create their works in the park’s setting. In return these professional artists invite visitors to interact with them and uniquely discover the park through their eyes and works.

For his residency at the Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency, Ufuk Gueray is interested in using erasure as a method to disrupt his own ideas about artistic productivity. His plan is to create drawings on a daily basis in various locations in the park, only to erase these drawings afterwards. None of the works made during the residency will be documented, and all of the erased drawings will be burned in a campfire at end of the residency. The public will be invited to participate in this project by erasing drawings and warming themselves at the campfire that will mark the end of this residency project.

Ufuk Gueray (b. Herrenberg, Germany) is a Winnipeg-based artist who has lived in Germany, Canada and Scotland. His work has been featured in exhibitions in Canada and the UK, as well as in national publications including Border Crossings, Art Windsor, and the Winnipeg Free Press. In 2014, he received an Honourable Mention in the RBC Canadian Painting Competition. He holds a BFA in Studio Art and French Studies from Concordia University, and an MFA in Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art. He has been working as an instructor at the University of Manitoba School of Art since 2013.

Heading out to Riding Mountain?

Connect with Ufuk on Thursday, August 3rd at 7:30 p.m at the Clear Lake Bowling Greens.