Jesse Krause – 2016 Deep Bay Artists’ Residency

Born to a minister and a biologist, Jesse Krause was moved to creative curiosity from a young age. As a composer, Krause’s work is diverse, ranging from eccentric rock opera to sacred choral music. He is currently writing and building for Geräuschbiest, an innovative ensemble dedicated to the exploration of music through new instruments.

Deep Bay Residency Project

Residency dates: September 19 to 25
Jesse Krause will be composing music based on the forest floor and the fungi that live there. Using yarn and digital photography, he will map a musical score onto the environment and let the mushrooms determine the placement of musical notes and ideas. Inspired by the work of John Cage, a titan of experimental composition but also an avid mushroom hunter, the music has potential to be very “strange”. This piece will represent the Devonian Era (a time when the land was dominated by eight meter tall fungal forests) within a larger work Krause is working on about the formation of the world.

A Slide Show with Live Music

Saturday, September 24th at 2:00 p.m.
Friends of Riding Mountain National Park.

Jesse will share his compositional maps and musical motifs based on the fungi found in the park. Come prepared to jam!