Diana Thorneycroft – 2015 Deep Bay Artists’ Residency

Diana working on the birdman

Diana Thorneycroft is in residence at the Deep Bay cabin from August 31 to Septembre 13.

The Artist

Diana Thorneycroft is a Winnipeg artist who has exhibited various bodies of work across Canada, the United States and Europe, as well as in Moscow, Tokyo and Sydney. After teaching as a sessional instructor at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art for 25 years, in 2010 been focusing on her studio practice full time. Thorneycroft has gallery representation in Los Angeles, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, London (Ontario) and Paris.

Residency Project

In 2012 Thorneycroft began altering plastic toy horses, and to date, has completed over 5 dozen. In addition to the horses, she has also transformed plastic toy figurines that have become the animals’ herdsmen. While in residence, she will be documenting the herdsmen in the natural landscape surrounding the Deep Bay cabin.

Meet the Artist

Saturday September 12th at 2 p.m. at The Lawn Bowling Greens. Diana will give a power point presentation about her upcoming exhibition “Herd” which opens at the Tom Thomson Gallery in Owen Sound in 2016, and the work she has completed during the residency.