Tanja Woloshen – 2015 Churchill Artists’ Residency

Tanja Woloshen is the artist-in-residence at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC) June 24 – July 8, 2015. Tanja is a dance artist and educator whose creative practice explores transformation and inclusive ways of seeing. In 2013, Tanja debuted a half-length dance work, Encounters of the Man Kind, a mythopoetic investigation of men and intimacy, inviting audiences to look at the relations between space and the body. Tanja’s current work explores the human relationship with nature and intrinsic wildness. Recent projects also include dancing for Lise McMillan, Sarah Anne Johnson, Jolene Bailie, Natasha Torres Garner, and Mia Van Leeuwen.

Residency Project

While in residence at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, Tanja will undertake research in preparation for a future dance production project titled Holy Wild. This work will explores Tanja’s interests in non-linear narratives, the multiplicity of identities, recognition and ecology. Research for Holy Wild will involve reading anthropological and shamanic writings about transformational experiences with nature, and excursions into nature to gain embodied knowledges of Manitoba’s northern wilderness.