Inglis School

KC Adams at Inglis School

Artists in the Schools Residency Program
October 24 – 28, 2011

Visual artist KC Adams spent a week at Inglis School in the township of Inglis, home of the National historic site of the Inglis Elevators, teaching students in grades K-8 how to work with clay and create pots reminiscent of the Indigenous pots found in the Interlake region.

The 55 students explored the techniques of hand building, sculpting, carving, firing, and painting. They embellished their pots with designs inspired by the Anishinabe’s Grandfather Teachings, commonly referred to as the Seven Teachings. During her workshop, KC shared with the students the meaning behind the Seven Teachings and the historical context of the pots they were working on.

Students and teachers then collected leaves from around their community to use to fire their pots in a specially prepared pit in the backyard of their school.

“The whole experience was wonderful. Every single child put a lot of effort into their pots. The highlight was the day we smoke fired the pots, and the children came outside during their class time to help, to cook bannock, and to drink hot chocolate.”… KC Adams