Taylor School

Leigh-Anne Kehler at Taylor School

Artist in the Schools residency program
April 28 – May 9, 2013
Kindergarten to Grade 5

Professional storyteller and playwright, Leigh-Anne Kehler brought her Artist in the Schools project Our Story Voice to Taylor School in Swan River.

The project began with performances by Leigh-Anne based on topics each class was studying. In the following days students created their own story by applying storytelling techniques they were exploring in the workshop. These included poetry, song, and characterization through voice and movement. Each week Leigh-Anne and the students performed their work for their parents and the rest of the school.

“Performances at the end of each week [were] definitely a highlight for our school.” …Lindsay Boschman, teacher

On their way in from recess students could constantly be heard singing and sharing different parts of their stories with each other, “Our beaver trail tale to the maple syrup tree is my favourite part of our story!”

By the end of the school year, the students could be still heard singing the songs they had created. “The kids love[d] the enthusiasm Leigh-Anne demonstrated and so were drawn into every story. Everyone was actively involved and learned a lot.” …Crystal Clelland, teacher

Leigh- Anne had a great time in Swan River, even though there was a snowstorm (in May!) followed by a flood during the time of her residency. She was thrilled to report sightings of moose, beavers, a cougar and even a porcupine!