Manitoba Arts Council Statement of Commitment to Accessibility

The Manitoba Arts Council is committed to the principles of equal access and participation for all people, whatever their abilities.

With the advice and guidance of the community, we will work to address visible and invisible barriers and meet all requirements of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act.

An Accessibility Advisory Council is guiding our work to develop a policy framework and an Accessibility Plan for the first standard of the Act, The Customer Service Standard, to ensure we are compliant prior to the November 2017 requirement.

Our Accessibility Advisory Council is comprised of:

  • Yvette Cenerini
  • Susan Lamberd
  • Debbie Patterson
  • Duncan Thornton

“Inclusivity isn’t about making sure no one feels left out, it’s about making sure we all benefit from the broadest possible range of perspectives. Vulnerability has power. As our society shifts its focus from the supremacy of individual achievement to the strength of interconnectedness, the voice of the disabled artist can help us all remember what that means.” Debbie Patterson

Ongoing and regular reviews, and re-evaluation of MAC’s Customer Service Accessibility Plan and its implementation are intrinsic to our customer service accessibility commitment.

If you have questions or comments, please contact:

Tracey Longbottom
Manitoba Arts Council Accessibility Working Group
(204) 945-3180