Major Arts Grants

The Major Arts Grant is available to support personal creative projects of six to ten months in duration. It allows artists whose work shows exceptional quality or accomplishment to concentrate on a specific project relating to their creative artistic work. The Major Arts Grant covers living expenses, project costs and travel expenses and is worth up to $30,000. Artists in all artistic disciplines are eligible to apply. A maximum of two Major Arts Grants may be held in five years. Learn more about the Major Arts Grant.

2016 Major Arts Grant Recipients

Méira-Cook Untitled-3
Untitled-4 Florian-Vorreiter

2015 Major Arts Grant Recipients

George Amabile
Lauren Carter
Vincent Ho
Danielle Sturk

2014 Major Arts Grant Recipients

Divya Mehra
Debbie Patterson
Coleen Rajotte

Tom Stroud

2013 Major Arts Grant Recipients

David Bergen
Grant Guy
Keri Latimer
J.J. Kegan McFadden
Nicky Mehta

2012 Major Arts Grant Recipients

Rodney LaTourelle
Randolph Peters
Bev Pike
Diana Thorneycroft