Travel/Professional Development Grant

The Manitoba Arts Council’s Travel/Professional Development Grant provides support to professional artists, arts administrators, and professional community arts practitioners to attend or participate in activities related to the development of their practice/careers.

Important Update to the Travel/Professional Development Grant

Previously, applicants had four deadlines to submit an application to a jury throughout the year. For time-sensitive opportunities, applicants could also submit an application to a panel of MAC consultants through the Quick-Response Option of the Travel/Professional Development Grant.

As of April 1st, 2017, applicants will be able to submit an application throughout the year, and the four grant application deadlines will be eliminated. Applications will be assessed every six weeks through an internal process at MAC and if necessary with the assistance of outside peer assessors.

Maximum grant: $1,200

Please note: This program encourages applications by individuals who face barriers to equal opportunities. Applicants must identify factors that constitute barriers in order to request additional funding. See General Guidelines for more information.

For a copy of the program application with guidelines click here. (revised 24/03/2017)

For a copy of the General Guidelines click here. (revised 19/02/2016)
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