COVID-19 Safety Plans

MAC is available to review COVID-19 safety plans for alignment with the current Manitoba Public Health Orders and guidelines. MAC can provide feedback on safety plans but will be acting in an advisory role only.

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Professional artists who are Deaf, have disabilities, or who are living with mental illness may be eligible for funds to contribute to costs for disability-related supports and services.

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General Guidelines

The Manitoba Arts Council’s General Guidelines provide essential information about MAC’s programs, including eligibility, the assessment process, and policies. Be sure to review them prior to each application as information and policies are updated regularly and subject to change. See specific programs for details on eligibility. Use these general guidelines in conjunction with program-specific guidelines.

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An alphabetical list of terms or words used by the Manitoba Arts Council.

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Consultants are available to review parts of your application. Please get in touch with the program consultant responsible for your program well in advance of submitting your application. We suggest at least one month prior to the application deadline as an appropriate time.

Once your application is assessed, you may ask for feedback from the consultant responsible for the program to which you applied. Reassess your application in light of the feedback and consider whether you should apply again or for a different project.

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Alternate formats

MAC may provide alternative forms of submission for applicants who have limited internet access and/or do not have reasonable access to a public internet source, such as a public library.

To make a request, contact or call toll free 1-866-994-2787.

Manitoba Arts Council Logo

Logo and Acknowledgement

The Manitoba Arts Council requires that grant recipients prominently acknowledge MAC’s financial assistance on all materials, publications, and programs related to the grant.

Logo and Acknowledgement Requirements

Professional Fees

Paying professional fees or honorariums to the artists involved in projects funded by the Manitoba Arts Council is required. Artists should be compensated for their participation commensurate with arts sector standards.

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Cultural Integrity

The Manitoba Arts Council is committed to the standards and principles of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. MAC is likewise committed to fostering greater inclusion and diversity in the arts and operates in accordance with the Manitoba Human Rights Code.

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