Florian Vorreiter – 2016 Major Arts Grant

Florian Vorreiter

Florian Vorreiter grew up in Kreuzberg, Berlin. At age fifteen he was mentored in airbrushing technique by visual artist Gernot Bubenik, which left a deep impression on Florian’s visual arts style and technique for years to come.

Florian caught his first glimpse of the wonders of lutherie when he saw his father restore a banjo in Malta, and later when he visited the Tanbur builder and musician Izzedin Temo in his workshop near Troyes, France. Florian then pursued his lutherie studies in Hallstatt, Austria and Markneukirchen, Germany. He immigrated to Canada in 2007.

Florian’s most recent work has explored (and crossed) the very boundaries of contemporary experimental guitar building and performed rigorous scientific research on historical Spanish guitars. His work has garnered the attention of international audiences, and he has been presenting his work at the Center of Transformative Media (Parsons The New School) in New York for the last two years.


The project sets out to study a guitar built by famous guitar maker Antonio de Torres using 3D-CT scan data in conjunction with building a replica instrument. Florian will compute and analyze the highest resolution three-dimensional digital representation available for any historical guitar to date, and measure and analyze this representation with unprecedented precision – without exposing the original to the risks of damage associated to handling. He will also be able to examine the inside of the wood, and understand structural and artistic details that are otherwise inaccessible. He will build a replica for the purpose of study and verifying any knowledge collected from the analysis.