Recognize – Prizes

The Manitoba Arts Award of Distinction recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of a Manitoban artist, Indigenous Knowledge Keeper, or arts/cultural professional through an annual prize.

Candidate – Who can be nominated?

Candidates must have lived in Manitoba for at least one full year immediately preceding application to the Manitoba Arts Council and must have a permanent physical address in Manitoba.

A candidate may only receive the Manitoba Arts Award of Distinction once in their lifetime.

A candidate may only be nominated once per year.

Nominator – who can nominate

Individuals, groups, or organizations that have no conflict of interest with the candidate. Nominators do not need to be Manitoba residents.

Prize amount

$ 30,000


December 15


Start an application


Our online application system. Register your profile at least 5 to 10 business days before you want to apply.


Do you have limited internet access or accessibility needs?

Applicants who have limited internet access or accessibility needs may apply using our Printable or fillable PDF application forms.