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Educators and artists work together to offer either a short-term project or a three-year project. The Manitoba Arts Council offers a grant that can help cover the costs of the project.

Please refer to the Manitoba Arts Council’s School Guide for more detailed information on the program and what is required from the school.

How the program works

Artists and educators work collaboratively to build a project and submit a grant application to the Manitoba Arts Council’s Artists in Schools program.

Before you begin, you should know that while we encourage a collaborative approach to writing the grant application, it is the artist that will submit the application in MAC’s Online Application System. This means that the artist you choose to work with will need to have a valid profile in our system before they are able to apply.

To be eligible to participate in the program, a school must be listed in either the First Nations Operated School Directory or the Manitoba Education and Training Schools in Manitoba Directory.

Step One: Preparation

Step Two: Find an artist

  • Work with a professional Manitoba artist, arts/cultural professional, Indigenous Knowledge Keeper, arts group or organization.
  • Use the Artists in Schools’ Artist Listing to find an artist.
  • Artists may choose to approach you directly.

Step three: Build an application collaboratively

  • The artist will draft and submit an application in MAC’s Online Application System.
  • The school must provide the artist with a completed and signed School Commitment Form to be submitted with the application by the deadline day.

Application deadlines

  • June 5: for projects scheduled between September and the end of June of the next school year
  • October 5: for projects scheduled between January and the end of June of the current school year.

What happens now?

  • Applications will be assessed by a jury made up of peer artists and educators
  • After a decision is reached, the applicant will receive an email notification. Applicants can expect to be advised of the results at the following times:
    • June 5 deadline: mid-August
    • October 5 deadline: mid-December
  • Applicant communicates award or decline decision to the school

For assistance, call 204-945-2237 or (toll-free) 1-866-994-ARTS (2787) or email Help Desk.


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