2021-2022 Statistical Overview

During the 2021-2022 fiscal year, the Manitoba Arts Council reviewed 1671 grant applications, up from 1139 in 2020-2021. Well over half of the applications (66 per cent) were successful. The total requested amount was $29.9 million, and $22.3 million was awarded. This overview presents: A break down of grants made by applicant type, granting program,Read More

Logo of Manipogo, MAC's online application system

Meet Manipogo! The new face of MAC’s Online Application System

This fall, the Manitoba Arts Council celebrates 3 years since the launch of our Online Application System. Since 2018, grant applicants, peer assessors, and nominators have been accessing MAC’s services through a sleek system that has remained nameless… Until now! We’re pleased to introduce you to “Manipogo,” the new name of MAC’s Online Application System.Read More

2020-2021: Year at a Glance and Statistical Overview

The Manitoba Arts Council’s 2020-2021 Year at a Glance is a snapshot of some key data points from the last year. In addition, this document includes:   A breakdown of grants made by applicant type, granting program, and region;  A summary of granting for individual applicants in different priority groups;  An overview of the peer assessors who reviewed applicationsRead More

Manitoban Cultural Organizations and Artists Receive $5.7 Million in Sustainability Funding

MEDIA RELEASE Winnipeg, MB – $5.7 million in grants have been awarded to 166 arts and cultural organizations and 81 individual artists through the Manitoba government’s Arts and Cultural Sustainability Funds. The Government of Manitoba announced the new investment in the arts and cultural sector on March 26th, 2021. Administered by the Manitoba Arts Council,Read More

MAC Announces 2021 Prizes in the Arts Recipients

MEDIA RELEASE Winnipeg, MB – Today, the Manitoba Arts Council (MAC) announced the recipients of its 2021 Prizes in the Arts, which celebrates achievements in the arts and honours the excellence, resourcefulness, and imagination of artists and organizations working in Manitoba across four categories. The Emerging Excellence Prize, which recognizes emerging artists for their achievementsRead More

ArtsJunktion, 2021 Connecting Creative Communities Prize

ArtsJunktion has been awarded the Connecting Creative Communities Prize, one of the Manitoba Arts Council’s 2021 Prizes in the Arts. For the past 11 years, ArtsJunktion has supported Winnipeg’s creative community by providing access to materials, creative space, workshops, and more. The community-based, charitable organization is committed to redistributing donated reusable materials on a take-what-you-need,Read More

Donna Besel, 2021 Rural Recognition Prize

Donna Besel has been awarded the Rural Recognition Prize, one of the Manitoba Arts Council’s 2021 Prizes in the Arts. Donna describes herself as a “Boreal writer”, drawing inspiration from the forests of Eastern Manitoba where she has lived her whole life. “Her writing is deeply rooted in the boreal forest,” said writer Sally Ito.Read More

Lana Sinclair, 2021 Indigenous Full Circle

Lana Sinclair has been awarded the Indigenous Full Circle Prize, one of the Manitoba Arts Council’s 2021 Prizes in the Arts. Originally from Fisher River Cree Nation, Lana combines haute couture designs with traditional materials such as leather, hide, beadwork and furs. For over 25 years, Lana has presented her work at fashion shows, exhibitions,Read More

melannie monoceros, 2021 Emerging Excellence Prize

melannie monoceros has been awarded the Emerging Excellence Prize, one of the Manitoba Arts Council’s 2021 Prizes in the Arts. The poet and interdisciplinary artist creates polysensory work that explores somatic grief through text, textile, film and perfomance. melannie considers the collective qrip (queer+crip) consciousness in their work by connecting to marvelous bodies living withRead More