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Artists Offering Teacher Inservices


Improvisation is a great interactive way of learning for all ages. In this teacher’s workshop I will illustrate some of the common skills that kids and adults can learn through the use of improv. Mind and body are engaged as the class participates in games and scenes that illustrate the power of this style of learning. Skills that we will confront in the workshop include: Focus, Imagination, Acceptance, Spontaneity, Freeing up the Mind, Working Together, Story Structure and many more. We will discuss teaching practices with regards to Improv and a take home handout will be included with the workshop.

Contact: Dean Harder
Phone: (204) 797-6388

Improvisation is a great tool for interactive learning both for the teacher and student. We will look at how the student can express themselves through humour, conversation, body language, listening skills, problem solving and all the skills of acting. Everyone will participate in games and skills as we explore the fun of improv (spur of the moment acting.) We will explore great ideas for language arts, recess, and party events through the art of improvisation. Also great for school fundraisers. Lists of ideas and websites will be handed out to all participants. Available for half-day or full-day inservices. Please call Stan lesk at 204 233-7780 or

Contact: Stan Lesk
Phone: (204) 233-7780


Origami Basics – The Art of Paper Folding
Ease your frustration with the confidence to lead your students through the basics of paper folding. Experience the fun of learning and applying basic skills, (valley, mountain, accordion and blintz folds). Simple compound folds, (inside, outside reverse, crimp and sink fold.) Low-intermediate skills, (squash, rabbit ear and petal folds.) Bases, (water bomb, bird, fish, frog and the preliminary base.) You will also know what all the arrows mean in the international Yoshizawa-Randlett-Harbin system which almost all modern origami books follow.

Contact: Robert Christiani
Phone: (204) 729-0942

Bud Gillies is a veteran Artist in The Schools, ArtSmarts, S.A.G. Presenter, and has done private workshops for many schools. He is an advocate of integration of the arts into academia. Bud would conduct workshops on multimedium art programs, with an emphasis on, but not limited to clay components (Example: exploring language arts through marionettes/puppets) plus many other projects. Get in touch and we can brainstorm your specific project needs.

Contact: Bud Gillies
Phone: (204) 284-1947

Freeze Frame is well known as a Media Arts Centre for Young People that holds and annual Film Festival for Kids of All Ages and provides full-day workshops in video production, animation, acting and media discussion panels for Manitoban Youth. But did you know that we also offer similar workshops specifically geared towards professionals and teachers? In our effort to continue to provide the best service to schools, we offer professional development workshops in video production, animation and media discussion panels to professional educators and divisional consultants in addition to our year-round youth workshop programs.

Contact: Romain Dudka, Education Coordinator
Phone: (204) 943.5341

Get ready to get your hands dirty!! Making a clay mural is a playful and creative way to express artistic ability with a primary focus on experimentation and personal expression. This program is focused on learning enjoyable, creative and easy to understand skills and techniques which will be taught throughout the day. During this project, teachers will understand the many ways to integrate texture, shape, surface design, form and dimension into an art form. By the end of the day, teachers will have created a beautiful and unique piece of art to be proud of. The learned skills are educational and simple to understand by individuals of all ages and can be easily incorporated into any core subject or topic. Available for full or half day inservices. Please call for more information and visit my website to get a visual idea of a finished clay mural.

Contact: Trisha Todoruk-Harvey
Phone: (204) 661 9538