1. How is ArtsSmarts different from Artists in the Schools?

ArtsSmarts and Artists in the Schools both involve a professional artist working in classrooms. However ArtsSmarts projects must involve arts integration, which involves curriculum in a core subject such as Science or Social Studies. Also, ArtsSmarts projects must involve a local artist, and there is no assistance for artist travel and living expenses.

2. We don’t know any local artists. What should we do?

Contact your local arts council, if you have one, or rec. centre. Or call our office for assistance.

3. How are the applications assessed?

Applications are assessed by a panel of educators and artists who look at several factors. These include the project proposal and its artistic and educational merit, and the teaching experience and current arts’ practice of the artist as evidenced in the artist’s c.v.

4. Does the school have to contribute financially?

No, there is no minimum requirement for a financial contribution from the school. However if there are costs for teacher release time, this would be the school’s responsibility. Often the school contributes financially for some of the material costs, and/or in kind contributions such as volunteer hours.

5. Who pays the artist?

If you are awarded, we send a cheque payable to the school for the entire amount. The school then pays the artist and purchases materials, etc.