1. Can we get a grant for the current school year?

No, schools have to apply to the May 15th deadline for projects in the following school year in order to receive a grant.

2. We’d like to use an artist who is not in the Artists in the Schools Directory. Is that okay?

Only artists listed in the Directory are eligible. Other interested artists are welcome to apply to be in the Directory at the November 1st deadline.

3. We’d like to spread out our residency over couple of months, and have the artist visit one day per week. Is that allowed?

Yes, our residencies are based on a 5-day week, 4.5 hours contact time per day, or 22.5 hours per week. But if the artist and school agree on an alternative schedule, that’s fine too. As long as the total contact time adds up to the equivalent of 1-10 weeks.

4. Can we hire an artist privately?

Yes, schools occasionally contract artists independently, and bear all the costs involved. Remember that the total fee per week per artist in our program is $1100, plus travel and living expenses if they’re not living in the school community.

5. Is it okay for the artist to give a half-day inservice for teachers as part of their residency?

Yes, artists may devote up to 2 hours per week for teacher professional development.

6. We’re having difficulty contacting an artist. Can we apply without talking to the artist?

No. You must consult with the artist prior to applying, and reach a tentative agreement about the details of the residency, including dates. It is recommended that you start this process in early April so that you allow enough time for these conversations.

7. We’re a K-8 school. How many residencies can we apply for?

Normally a K-8 school can apply for two residencies, perhaps one for K-4 and one for 5-8. But if the school is very small, then this may not be possible. Call the office for more information about your particular circumstances.

8. Who pays the artist?

The artist’s weekly fee ($1100) is shared by MAC and the school, with the school paying $450/week/artist. This fee is paid directly to the artist on the last day of the residency. MAC pays its portion of the fee directly to the artist, plus the costs of travel and living expenses for residencies outside an artist’s home community.

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