What we do and how we do it?

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MAC is an arm’s-length agency of the Department of Sport, Culture and Heritage. We offer a broad range of grants and services to professional artists and arts organizations in all art forms.

Who is a professional artist?

An artist who has specialized training in the art form, is recognized as such by peers (artists working in the same artistic tradition), demonstrates a commitment to a significant amount of time to creation, and has a history of public presentation or publication.

What is a professional arts organization?

An arts organization that supports, presents, or produces the work of artists who have achieved professional status

How are applications assessed?

MAC uses the peer assessment process to award most grants. Grant applications are evaluated by a group of artists and/or arts professionals currently practising in the types of art relevant to each application.

Grants are awarded based on artistic excellence. Works of artistic excellence are characterized by qualities such as vitality, originality, relevance, creativity, innovation, experimentation, and technical and professional expertise. The Manitoba Arts Council recognizes that notions of artistic excellence evolve and that decisions based on aesthetic values will vary from one peer to the next.

How do I apply for a grant?

The Manitoba Arts Council has over 50 granting programs. To find the grant that is right by visiting Apply for a Grant to access individual program descriptions, guidelines, criterias, application forms, and deadlines.

It is highly recommended that you contact a program consultant before preparing your application. They can help you with questions about eligibility, what program best suits your needs, and your application. Find a Consultant by art form and discipline or by program area.

What does an application require?

You will need to download a program application with guidelines, collect your support material, fill and submit your application. Click here for a step-by-step guide to completing your application.