Council Members

The Manitoba Arts Council consists of 15 Board members appointed for a term by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council. Council develops policy for the benefit of the arts and of the public of Manitoba, using input from the community and key stakeholders. The Council also has the authority and responsibility to approve the expenditure of funds that supports the mandate and reflects the public trust.

Roberta Christianson, High Bluff (Chair)
Scott Baldwin, Winnipeg (Vice-Chair)
Yisa Akinbolaji, Winnipeg
Sharron Curry Wiens, Morden
Elizabeth Gornik, Winnipeg
Janeen Junson, Winnipeg
Kathy Moscou, Brandon
Tricia Penner, Winnipeg
David Roberts, Winnipeg
Lewis Rosenberg, Winnipeg
Gurpreet Sehra, Winnipeg
Lesia Szwaluk, Winnipeg
Josée Théberge, Winnipeg
Bonnie White, The Pas
Dr. Leanne Zacharias, Brandon