French Services

Communicating with MAC

MAC has several French-speaking staff members, who can speak with you about the application process, discuss your project, or provide feedback from the assessment panel.

Cheryl Miki

Bilingual program consultant

(204) 945-5102

Diana Sefa

Bilingual program administrator

(204) 945-0645

Engaging with MAC Online

All content on MAC’s websites and on Manipogo, MAC’s online grant application system, is equally available in both English and French.

Navigating between languages

To toggle from one language to another, look for the following buttons found in the top right-hand corner of the webpage:

On MAC’s websites, press the FR button for French or the EN button for English:

On the Manipogo login page, select the language from the drop-down menu:

If you’re logged into Manipogo, press the globe icon:

Applying for grants in French

All MAC grant application forms, funding agreements and final report forms, are available in French and English. You can choose to complete them in either language.

How French Applications are Assessed

When MAC receives applications in French, we select French-speaking assessors who are familiar with your discipline and activities to sit on the assessment panel.

The number of French-speaking assessors on a panel depends on how many French applications received for that intake:

  • One French application: MAC will hire a minimum of one French-speaking assessor to sit on the panel.
  • Two or more French applications: MAC will hire two or more French-speaking assessors to sit on the panel.
  • Over 50% of total applications: MAC will conduct the panel in French.

MAC prioritizes selecting assessors with an understanding of the complexities of the Francophone community in Manitoba.

Translation of French applications

If you choose to submit a grant application in French, parts of your application will need to be translated into English for non-French speaking assessors. The support material you submit is never translated.

Note: the application is translated after it has been submitted. Do not include the translation as part of your original application.

As the applicant, you choose the method of translation:

Option 1 – MAC translates the application for you

MAC staff will send parts of the application to a translator of its choice. You will not receive a copy of the translated application.

Option 2 – You hire the translator of your choice

MAC staff will email you the parts of the applications that need to be translated. This email will also include an estimated reimbursement calculated at a rate of $0.27/word based on the word count of the original application. You will be given a deadline of approximately two weeks to return the translated application to MAC. MAC staff will review the translation to make sure it is true to the original application and no modifications have been made.

With this option, applicants are able review the translated application before submitting it and save a copy for their files/own use.