COVID-19 | Frequently Asked Questions

The Manitoba Arts Council recognizes that the COVID-19 outbreak may affect potential grant applicants and grant recipients. If you are a potential applicant or grant recipient, please consult the FAQ below for details related to COVID-19.

Q: Are any of MAC’s deadlines changing?

A: Yes. MAC is suspending the April 15, 2020, and June 1, 2020 deadlines for Learn – Travel/Professional Development.

The next deadline for this program is July 15, 2020. This program largely supports projects that include travel and/or gatherings, which are both not possible in the current context.

The April 1, 2020 deadline for Share-Tour is changed to May 1, 2020.

Q: My organization receives Operating Support from MAC through Support-Operate or Operating Grants previously offered by the Arts Branch of the Department of Sport, Culture and Heritage and we’ve had to cancel or reschedule programming due to COVID-19. Will this affect our funding?

A: No, organizations receiving Operating Support will not be required to replace programming that has been cancelled, changed or delayed due to COVID-19. If your organization is on Active Engagement, changes due to COVID-19 will not affect this status. However, MAC is not able to provide supplemental funding. 

Q: I have received a project grant and now must make changes or cancel the project due to COVID-19. Will I be required to repay the grant? 

A: If the project is cancelled and can’t be rescheduled, MAC will not require repayment of unrecoverable costs. Please contact MAC’s Helpdesk for instructions on how to provide support for unrecoverable costs. Repayment will be required for unexpended amounts.  For changes to projects, please contact MAC’s Helpdesk for instructions on how to report changes.  

Q: I have received a project grant and now have additional project expenses due to COVID-19. Am I able to apply for additional funds for the project?

A: No, MAC is not able to provide supplemental funding.

Q: I have submitted an application, which has not been reviewed yet. Can I add additional COVID-19 related information?

A: Yes, you may either withdraw the application or if you’d like the project to go forward but have updated information related to COVID-19, please contact MAC’s Helpdesk. Only information that is relevant to the assessment (e.g., you are cancelling touring dates in affected regions but have added dates elsewhere) will be brought forward, and only if it is received prior to the jury process.