Elvira Finnigan – 2019 Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency

Elvira Finnigan is an artist in residence at the Deep Bay Cabin for the 2019 Riding Mountain Artists Residency.

Elvira’s multi-media practice includes installation, performance, video, and photography. Currently her art focuses on experimental works using dense salt brine and crystallization. She has exhibited in the USA, Japan, and across Canada.

Over the course of her two-week residency in Riding Mountain National Park, Elvira will create a “Museum of Fallen Objects”. Twigs, leaves, insects, fallen feather, and discarded debris placed in containers will be doused with a dense salt brine. The brine will then create a crystal cover over the objects and “automatic drawings” on the surfaces around it.

“The summer of 2018 was the first time I had the opportunity to spent a few days in the Wasagaming town site experiencing Riding Mountain National Park as a summer holiday destination. This prompted my desire to seek out the opportunity to spend an extended time as an artist-in-residence in Riding Mountain National Park during the summer months. I want to experience the summer feel of the place and transform the little studio at Deep Bay into a short lived Museum of Fallen Objects during my stay. I will experiment with the crystallization salt-brined objects with a focus on what human visitors leave behind in their wake.”

Artist Presentation

Join Elvira on Tuesday, July 23rd, where she will give an artist talk and show images of her past work using the salt brine process in her artistic creation.