Diana Thorneycroft – 2019 Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency

Diana Thorneycroft is an artist in residence at the Deep Bay Cabin for the 2019 Riding Mountain Artists Residency.

Diana is a Winnipeg artist whose work has exhibited in the US, Europe, Moscow, Tokyo, Australia and across Canada. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Manitoba Arts Council’s Award of Distinction. She is best known for her photographs depicting facets of Canadian identity.

During her residency in Riding Mountain National Park, Diana will continue working on “Black Forest (dark matters)” an installation she begun in 2015. She will be constructing miniature sets and filming them in various locations around the cabin, including on the near-by beach and in the shallow waters of Clear Lake.

“I have done several Riding Mountain Artist residences and am remarkably fortunate to be familiar with the beautiful and diverse environment surrounding the Deep Bay cabin. In some ways it has become like a second studio. With each consecutive visit, the amount of work I get done increases dramatically.”

Artist Presentation

Join Diana on Saturday, September 14th, where she will share images and talk about her touring installation “Black Forest (dark waters)” and the new work she’s made during her residency.