NJAS/Northern Juried Art Show

37th Northern Juried Art Show, Churchill, May 16-18, 2013

The Churchill Arts Council in cooperation with the Northern Juried Art Show Committee hosted the 37th northern Juried Art Show in Churchill in May.  The show’s theme “Legends of the North” was reflected in the amazing selection of artwork on display and workshop demonstrations by artists living north of the 53.

The grand opening attracted a host of special guests including The Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, esteemed elders from the community as well as other local politicians, officials, and business sponsors.


“’Inspiring’ is the best word that describes the entire experience.

I have done a long running series based on aerial landscapes so the view over the Tundra has given me so many new ideas.  We also flew up with two polar bear and grizzly bear cubs from China.  They were going up to shoot a movie of a boy with his little bear cub and his dog.  In the end the polar bear wouldn’t cooperate so they painted the grizzly cub white and had better luck with it.  They were very cute.  I want one!

The Churchill community and how they get things done is impressive.  The arts community is small but thriving.  Cooperation and communication between the Northern communities was also a key to attracting the high quality of art to the exhibition. “

-Alan Lacovetsky, Juror