Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir

The Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir, an amateur concert-sized choir, strives for excellence in the performance of a broad repertoire of choral music for the entertainment and enrichment of Manitoba audiences and choristers. Established in 1922, the Phil is the oldest choir of its kind in western Canada, with a full-time membership of between 60 and 75 singers.

Each season the Phil produces three professional performances as part of its concert series, and often performs alongside other musical groups such as the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, or the Winnipeg Singers. The choir’s repertoire includes a range of secular and religious music, including oratorios, masses, cantatas, requiems, and choral symphonies.


All concerts within the Phil’s season, and from the previous season, may be available for consideration in a touring request.

The winter concert features seasonal music, arranged around a theme (e.g. the British tradition, or music from south of the equator).

The spring concert typically includes more eclectic programming. Music may be performed in a variety of languages, from a variety of musical eras. At times, guest artists accompany the choir. The choir provides its own accompanist. The touring choir is usually between 50 and 60 choristers and is led by artistic director and conductor Yuri Klaz. Workshop requests will also be considered in addition to an invitation
to perform.