Shakespeare in the Ruins

Since 1993, Shakespeare in the Ruins (SIR) has revealed the timelessness of Shakespeare’s plays with remarkable clarity and originality. With its new school/educational programs, Stripped Down Shakespeare (a touring production), and Shakespeare in Action (workshops for students), SIR is bringing the world of Shakespeare directly to schools. Shakespeare in the Ruins continues to be Manitoba’s only promenade theatre company and only annual producer of Shakespeare. SIR is a high-quality professional theatre company committed to presenting classic themes in ways that are relevant, accessible, daring, and always enjoyable.


Each fall, SIR hits the road with Stripped-Down Shakespeare: our acclaimed one-hour, four-actor versions of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. In addition to the play, SIR will present a pre-show introduction to Shakespeare that will prepare students for what they are about to see and hear, and then bowl them over with the exhilaration of Shakespeare’s words as they were meant to be experienced: by a live theatre audience. Post-performance
Q & A included.