Professional Program of The School of Contemporary Dancers

Under the direction of Program Co-Director Odette Heyn-Penner, The Professional Program of The School of Contemporary Dancers, On The Road, is a company comprised of talented, energetic, young dancers preparing to embark on a career in contemporary dance.  The Professional Program has performed with Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, various Canadian symphonies, the Kuan Du Arts Festival, Taiwan, the Canada Dance Festival, Ottawa, in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010, and Stephanie Ballard’s Landscape Dancing in Winnipeg and Ottawa. The Program has also been invited back to the Canada Dance Festival 2012. In addition to the tour, the Program presents two annual performance series at the Gas Station Theatre in Winnipeg.


Younger students are offered an entertaining and educational lecture/demonstration. Students are introduced to a dancer’s daily training, improvisation, the art of partnering and the choreographic process, followed by a brief performance.

Throughout the program, limited numbers of students will physically explore some of the demonstrated improvisation and sequence-building exercises. For older students, the lecture/demonstration is followed by a more extensive performance segment. Both shows end with an informal question-and-answer period. The community performance offers a selection of stimulating repertoire by renowned choreographers, drawn from our December ‘Basement Projects’ performances.