Prairie Debut presents Duo Rendezvous

Duo Rendezvous unites two leading Canadian performers, violinist Jasper Wood and guitarist Daniel Bolshoy. This duo was formed as a response to great demand for a refreshing and passionate chamber ensemble with a strong dedication to outreach and education. The Duo Rendezvous is already in great demand by presenters across the country, thanks to the thriving solo careers of the two performers and to their reputation as charismatic virtuosi who enjoy engaging their audiences with humour and passionate musicianship. Their unique programming enriches the existing guitar and violin repertoire with transcriptions of masterpieces from around the world and commissioned pieces by leading Canadian composers. This ensemble is defined by their passion for performing and love of virtuosic and intimate music.

Program Description

Their concerts feature musical imagery ranging from the brothels of Buenos Aires to the cafés of Paris: music that is influenced from around the world – a program that mixes Bach, Debussy and Ravel with Piazzolla, Django Rhinehardt and Sarasate. Aiming to excite audiences about great music, be it classical, jazz, or world, Duo Rendezvous is well suited for touring and for simplifying a presenters life- there is no need for amplification or to rent or move a grand piano, and audiences get to hear the subtleties of both the violin and guitar in any venue.