NAfro Dance Productions

NAfro Dance Productions sets the standard for excellence in African contemporary dance. NAfro creates and presents multi-disciplinary dance and music works that are based on African traditional dance, and incorporates contemporary art forms. NAfro is committed to bringing dance to the community, not only as entertainment, but as a tool to provoke reflection on different issues and as a catalyst for social change. Since its first production in 1999, NAfro has developed a repertoire of nine full-length dance works and has performed within Canada as well as internationally.


Around the Fire is 75 minutes of intense African dance, music, and storytelling. This is a performance where the audience is part of the performance, using voice, movement, and musical skills. Think about a long time ago…a time when people used to sit around the fire and share the laughter, the sadness, and the adventures of our ancestors and of the animal kingdom.

Three African villages are visited in this performance. In each village we will hear a story and see a dance piece interpreting “How the Goat Got Out of Trouble,” “Why Monkeys Live in Trees,” and “The Creation Story.” African drumming music will accompany the dancing and the story.