Jesse Dietschi

The Brandon-based Jesse Dietschi Double Quartet consists of some of the brightest young musicians Manitoba has to offer. This innovative group combines elements of acoustic and electric instruments, orchestration and improvisation, and both Western European art music and jazz elements into a sound beyond categorization. Dietschi has created a book of repertoire that dances between the avant-garde and the traditional, and is highly influenced by artists/composers such as Chris Potter, Dave Holland, Bela Bartok, Maria Schneider, and others. Using many modern compositional techniques, the group has drawn a clear lineage back to the roots of jazz, yet simultaneously pushes forward to develop a new hybrid sound. Repertoire for their concerts consists entirely of original compositions by Jesse Dietschi.


The JDDQ is capable of multiple performance settings. The group’s full concert consists of original compositions written and arranged entirely by the group’s leader, Jesse Dietschi, with some additions from the group’s saxophonist, Ben Dietschi.

The concert is typically two sets of music, combining for an approximate total of 1.5 hours of music. These compositions range from lyrical groove-based contemporary jazz to more abstract compositions utilizing 20th and 21st century techniques.

The group is also capable of providing interactive concert/clinics for school programs, and can perform as a single “standard” jazz quartet (saxophone, piano, bass, drums) for a reduced cost for programs wishing to keep costs low. These concert/clinics would involve a one-set concert, approximately 1 hour in length, and would encourage students to ask questions to help them understand the process of improvising. Sectionals with school bands are also available for additional fees.