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Fubuki Daiko

Fubuki Daiko reinvents traditional Japanese drumming with eclectic and energetic performances. For over 15 years, they have performed at concert halls, festivals, fairs, and bar mitzvahs across North America. Collaborations with a wide range of groups including the Winnipeg Singers, Absent Sound, the Acromaniacs, and the Northern Plains Ballet have continued to drive their never-ending quest for excellence and innovation in this ancient art form. Co-founders Hiroshi Koshiyama and Naomi Guilbert have over 20 years of taiko experience including a four-year apprenticeship under Grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka, the father of North American taiko. Koshiyama is the only Canadian formally trained in the art of the Japanese Lion Dance by world-renowned lion dancer Nosuke Akiyama.He has appeared in Philip Kaufman’s feature film Rising Sun and performed on the film’s soundtrack. The group’s debut CD, Fubuki, received a Prairie Music Award for Outstanding Instrumental Recording.


Fubuki Daiko performs an almost exclusively original repertoire that combines their North American roots with traditional training. The result is a unique phenomenon that is part martial arts athleticism, part dance, and all rhythm. Humorous and educational narratives between pieces help to establish an immediate connection with audiences and demystify this ancient musical tradition.